No matter the style, Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers can make your vision a stunning reality. From the historical and traditional to sleek, modern designs, Rossi Brothers can create everything from an occasional piece of furniture to a complete set of kitchen cabinets or custom built-in home office. And Rossi Brothers takes the entire project from design and construction to installation.

Whether you want historically accurate furniture or cabinetry that mimics a particular style, Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers crafts the finest artisanal quality furniture. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and thoughtfully enhanced with decorative carvings, gilding and authentic finishes.

Restoring a family heirloom or prized antique is a delicate process. Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers can return your cherished furniture to its former glory thanks to their multi-generational knowledge, precision and expert workmanship. Restorations are treated with the same care as any new project, and with over thirty years of experience in restoring countless old treasures, you are assured of the very best outcome with Rossi Brothers.

Never throw out a good piece of furniture again. Let the Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers restore your furniture or cabinetry to its former shine and function. Specialists in the care and use of all types of wood, Rossi Brothers will have your furniture or cabinets looking even better than when you first purchased them.

Custom Carving
Add a touch of elegant detail with handcrafted custom carvings by Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers, and enjoy the look that can usually only be found in the very best old estates. Custom carvings can be historically accurate or made from an original design, incorporated into a new piece of furniture or added to cabinetry. Crafted using Old World precision and skill, each of Rossi Brothers’ custom carved pieces is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Nothing says Old World quality as much as the luxurious finishes usually only found on antique cabinetry and woodwork. Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers continues this traditional artisan craft, creating gold and silver leaf as well as rare French polish finishes on all of their handcrafted furniture and cabinets.

Rossi Brothers Cabinet Makers serves architects, designers, contractors and residential customers in the Mid-Atlantic region of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.